What are Promotional Products?

Promotional Products, sometimes called Advertising Specialty Items, are any useful or decorative item designated to promote a company, product, service, event, meeting, program, etc.. There are over 650,000 items offered by promotional product suppliers. If you can think of it, someone can logo it. According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the top 5 categories of items sold by promotional product consultants, or distributors, are: Wearable's, Writing Instruments, Desk/Office/Business Accessories, Calendars & Bags. 


Why do I need a Distributor? Can't I order logo'd products myself, directly online? 

In the world of Promotional Products, Suppliers (the people who actually make the products) rarely sell directly to the End-User. They must go through a Distributor. You can order products, with your company logo, directly over the internet but you are still, most likely, using a distributor. 


What is acceptable artwork?

In order to insure the accuracy of your order, specific artwork needs to be supplied. Electronic art is the preferred method. Adobe Illustrator files with the .eps extension are the least likely to be rejected. Remember, you need to outline your fonts when saving the file. If you have no idea what all this means, but you do have someone (i.e. a printer or graphic artist) who designed your logo for you or who prints your letterhead, tell them you need your art file or ask them to email the art to art@biz-mark.com directly - they will know what we need. MSWord files are not an acceptable art format. If you want to use your logo but do not have it in acceptable format - that is OK. Send us what you have and we will go from there. Alternatively, if you don't have a logo, you can still have your promotional products decorated with you company information in the Straight Line format. No specific artwork is needed and the setup fees are sometimes less the those with a logo. If you are concerned or confused about your decorating options, don't hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I will be happy to explain your options. To see a full explanation of art see Art Guidelines.


What about setup up fees? 

Each supplier must setup his/her equipment to accommodate your logo on each and every item you order. Unfortunately, each supplier has it's own method and individual system and even though you are using the same logo - there will be charges pertaining to each separate item. We will make every effort to use suppliers who waive setup fees whenever possible - but know that setup fees are normal.


Is the price I see on the online catalog and in the printed catalogs the price I should expect to pay?

The pricing that you see online and in catalogs is the price set by the suppliers and is the same pricing structure available to all distributors.


What about shipping charges?

Final shipping charges are not determined until your order has left the factory. You will be notified, on your Order Acknowledgement, of your shipment's point of origin. If you need the Estimated Shipping charges before finalizing your order you may request a shipping estimate be added, but remember, this is only an Estimate. Again, final charges will be determined once your order has been shipped.


When will I receive an invoice?

You will receive your invoice once you have received your products. It is our policy not to bill our established customers

until they have received their order and are satisfied with the results.


How can I pay my bill?

We accept checks - made out to Biz Mark. And mailed to:

6440 Sky Pointe Drive, Ste 140-411, Las Vegas, NV 89131.

We accept all major credit cards -

you will receive a link to pay online with your invoice.



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